Gavin Newsom: Beyond Risky, He’s Dangerous

Newsom describes his approach as “audacious.” In reality, it’s dangerous.

He favors tax increases and enacting new taxes, damaging families. His loyalty to education unions will trap children in failing schools. He will bankrupt California by forcing every person into a government run healthcare system costing $400 billion a year, three times what the state spent last year on all general fund programs combined. His policies let countless drug addicts and criminals out of jails and onto our streets; property crime has soared as a result. Today, many areas of San Francisco resemble a third-world slum. Homelessness is out of control and the city is littered with syringes, needles and human waste.

Californians have a better choice – businessman John Cox. Cox was raised by a single mom and pulled himself out of poverty through academic accomplishment and hard work. And Cox can win, just like other businessmen have won in states every bit as blue as California.

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