Gavin Newsom for Governor? Are you shi***ng me?

Newsom describes his approach as “audacious.” In reality, his failed record is dangerous.

Gavin Newsom likes to portray himself as a bold and innovative politician, but his failed record of leadership has put Californians in danger. On issue after issue, Newsom is prepared to risk the health, safety and prosperity of citizens in order to promote an expensive agenda of failed policies. Consider:

Gavin Newsom’s San Francisco, once a gleaming gem of a city, is now a hot mess. Homelessness and filth are rampant. Human waste covers the streets of San Francisco to such an unprecedented extent that the city has had to hire a “Poop Patrol” of officials, many of whom wear biohazard suits, to clean up the mess. San Francisco taxpayers spend far more on clean up human waste than any other city, three times what Los Angeles spends and four times more than Chicago spends even though those cities have many times more residents than do San Francisco.

The filthy, disgusting condition of San Francisco is a direct result of Gavin Newsom’s failed record of leadership and policies that he has championed. The city attracts homeless drug addicts through policies that provide them easy access to services to shoot up. Newsom supported this as mayor, and invited more of it when he was the only statewide elected official to support a measure to let drug addicts out of jails and onto city streets. They have turned San Francisco into their toilet, openly defecating all over the city.

Gavin Newsom for Governor? Are you shi***ng me?

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