Gavin Newsom - Straws and Syringes

Gavin Newsom has dangerously misplaced priorities in supporting free plastic syringes to drug addicts to shoot heroin and other illegal substances into their bodies even as San Francisco bans plastic straws used by kids to drink juice.

Gavin Newsom likes to portray himself as a bold and innovative politician, but his failed record of leadership has put Californians in danger. On issue after issue, Newsom is prepared to risk the health, safety and prosperity of citizens in order to promote an expensive agenda of failed policies. Consider:

In Gavin Newsom’s San Francisco, the city distributes hundreds of thousands of plastic syringes every month to drug addicts to use to shoot up deadly heroin. Newsom is a champion of this idea.

Many of these syringes and needles end up on city streets and in neighborhood parks, posing a severe health risk to children. Rather than deal with the drug addiction and homeless crisis they created handing out free plastic syringes to addicts, the city instead has made it illegal to use a plastic straw.

Talk about hypocritical, misplaced priorities. This is what California under Gavin Newsom would look like.

News reports document that approximately 40% of the plastic syringes and needles distributed by San Francisco are not collected and end up as garbage on streets, in parks and in neighborhoods. These discarded needles and syringes pose a serious health risk to all citizens, but especially to children who might pick them up, step on them while playing or otherwise come in contact with them. The situation has become so severe that a major medical group recently cancelled a convention due to safety concerns.

Gavin Newsom Is Dangerous. We must stop him from becoming the next governor!

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